GPBox is defined as a Real Time Digital, modular and decentralized network control optimizer focused on the new energy paradigm as a result of the energy storage systems penetration trend. GPBox aims to be a reference in the new energy cloud business model as a consequence of the Distributed Energy Resources ecosystem through:

- An Evolutionary Dynamic Optimizer, an innovative SW which is able to solve customer energy problem, from utilities to C&I and residential users, with a flexible and standard implementation of multiple energy services at the same time.

- Implementation of a complete and integrated system for DER integration including power electronic interface, protections, isolation, based on cost efficient, compact and modular features. As a consequence, GPBox is able to offer Real Time response services, expanding energy functionalities which are now restricted to a small group of tenders.

GPBox was defined as a provider of multiple benefits as a result of ESS management through the promotion of micro-grids and trading with DER. Main objectives were on the:

1. Efficiency enhancement and increments of the electric capabilities of current AC distribution network in terms of flexibility and power capacity.

2. To encourages consumers to interact with the grid, directly through GPBox or by its auxiliary services offered to the electric network.

3. To operate the distributed ESS without user concern for their operation and maintenance, reducing energy bills of ordinary people and industrial uses.

The definition of GPBox has evolved to highlight the important features of real time and dynamic control system with the objective to offer a diversified number of services, which does not mean that objectives have changed; quite the opposite, they have been valued and the application risk has been reduced. However, the time to achieve each of them may vary according to several factors such as the cost evolution of ESS system as well as the regulatory conditions developed in each of the targeted markets. Regarding the legal issues, EEUU seems to be the lighthouse to follow with Germany as an important indicator of the market trends. The work done by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and their proposed rulemaking may be a good guide for removing barriers to the participation of ESS and DER in the capacity, energy and ancillary services market.


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